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Title: The Vicar’s Son Pt. 2 Pairing: Adam Lazzara/Chris Wilsher… - Virgin Boy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
virgin boy, the one who makes your heart beat fast

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[Oct. 17th, 2004|07:46 pm]
virgin boy, the one who makes your heart beat fast


Title: The Vicar’s Son Pt. 2
Pairing: Adam Lazzara/Chris Wilsher [Ask for photo]
Bands: Taking Back Sunday / No one wins the prize
Summary: The Vicar’s son helps you to escape school, maybe he’s not as good and Christian as you thought…
Rating: NC 17
Notes: This part is completely made up, a’ite?

Your eyes dart nervously, despite your obvious boredom. You cross your legs, then uncross them, only to repeat the process again and again.

On the seat next to you, Chris is sat, intent on listening to what the vicar, his father, has to say. You, personally, cannot begin to think how he can not be bored as you begin to bounce your knee in agitation.

Beside you, Chris slumps a little in his seat before stretching. You watch as a pale line of skin is exposed, and you can’t help but lick your lips. His muscles are pulled taught in exactly the same way as when he’s cumming, and screaming your name. As he stretches to the full extent, a small moan escapes his lips. It sent shock waves down your entire body, and you shivered slightly.

He relaxes back into his seat, his hand falling to rest on your thigh. Whether that is on purpose or not, you can’t decide, so you ignore it, focusing on the stage, pretending to be interested in what’s being said.

Then Chris begins to flex his hand, ever so slightly. Just the fingers. His short nails are scratching at the material of your jeans which encase your legs. The thing is, is you’re sure that his hand is moving, but you can’t tell, as your eyes are staring unblinkingly at the stage as you will yourself to think of anything but his hand.

He does this small stretch, an even lower whimper reaching your ears. And your concentration is broken, and you know that in mere minutes, you will be sporting the biggest boner ever.

So, you quickly stand up, edging your way out from the row. You see Chris stand up, too, but your main thought is to get out of that hall fast, before you embarrass yourself too much.

You push open one of the swinging doors and lean against the wall, bent forwards, as Chris walks through them after you. A teacher immediately comes through it after him, so you stay bent over, to hide your boner stretching your already all-too revealing jeans.

“What’s going on?” She, the teacher, demands.

Chris quickly stands beside you. “Adam said he felt like he was going to throw up, so I came with him to make sure he was okay.”

You’re grateful for him being suck a quick thinker.

She nods understandingly. “Okay. Go for a quick walk round the grounds or something: fresh air would do you some good.” She glanced back at the assembly hall’s doors. “I’d better be getting back. Take care.” And then she walked back the way she had come.

We waited for a second after she’s shut the door. When we were sure she’d gone and wasn’t coming back, I let out a growl, grabbing Chris and pushing him against the lockers, pressing my body against his. He let out a giggle. I groaned in return. “Do you think this is funny?” I demanded, punctuating my question by rolling my hips against his, making sure he felt my source of agitation.

Chris’ eyes darkened. He nodded, rolling his hips up to meet mine. I felt his own hardness against me, and groaned a little more. “Hilarious.” He said. “Now, come on! We have to be quick. We have about ten minutes.” He told me, grabbing my hand and dragging me to the place we’d met.

No one ever used those toilets.

He pushed you into the toilets and immediately began to unbuckle his jeans, looking at you with raised eyebrows. “Well, come on, then! We don’t have all day!”

You glanced around and began to undo your own jeans. “Shouldn’t we… use a cubicle or anything?” you say uncertainly.

He shot you a strange look. “Why? No one comes here, and, well… Even if they did, it all just adds to it. Trust me.” He reaches for you and begins rubbing you through your boxers, and you can’t but help to nod at everything he said. You don’t really care anymore; all that matters is his hands on you.

But, even that is gone far too soon. You whimper a little at the loss of contact, but it soon dies in your throat as he pushes his jeans off fully. “Fuck me, now.” He tells you, looking straight into your eyes.

You feel yourself get even harder at his words, and you decide to comply, and push him against the wall. “No lube.” You tell him, suddenly remembering.

“Fuck me dry.” He moans.

You’re sure your eyes widen, but the words shoot strait to your groin again, so, you lift one of his legs and he hooks it round your waist. You stick two fingers into his mouth, and he sucks on them, swirling his tongue around them, and you really need to fuck him soon.

You quickly prepare him before beginning to push into him. He lets out a low moan, head falling back against the wall with a dull thud, but he lifts his other leg, pushing his hands onto your shoulders for leverage, and wraps it round your waist, like the other one.

This causes you to slip completely inside him, and you hold your breath for a second, waiting for him to adjust.

Of course, Chris has other plans, and immediately begins to push himself up on you, then moving back down, leaning against the wall. “Moooove.” He moans.

So you do.

“Fucking harder. Ten minutes…”

So, you put your hands on his hips as he rests his back against the wall, legs round your waist, and shove into him. He lets out a howl of pleasure, head clunking back again. You piston yourself in and out of him, and he’s moaning so loud that it’s echoing off the walls.

“Fuck me, harder, oh, harder.” he’s whimpering straight into your ear, moaning like a bitch in heat. He’s such a little slut for you, it’s unbelievable.

So, you shove in even harder, thinking that maybe he’s some kind of freak, but you really don’t mind. With the power of your thrusts he’s moving up and down the wall, and you wonder what it’d look like to someone just walking in, right now. You, with your pants around your ankles, fucking the vicar’s son against the bathroom wall, whilst the vicar gives a sermon, two halls over.

“Jesus, please, please, ooh, harder!”

He always says ‘Jesus!’ and ‘God!’ during sex, and you wonder if it comes with being the vicar’s son, or if it’s just the way he is.

You move even faster and harder, and you feel the need to cum burning in your stomach, and you can feel his hard on rubbing against your stomach. Then you realise – you’re still wearing your shirt, so, if he cums on you, you won’t have a top to wear.

“Ooh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m –”

“Don’t cum.” You tell him, biting his shoulder through the material of his shirt.

He’s practically riding you whilst you’re standing up. “Wha- what do you mean… don’t… cum? You’re fucking me… so hard… then tell me… not to cum? Uhhn – what kind of… fucked up shit… is that?” He tells you between his persistent moaning.

“Don’t cum.” You repeat, shoving in again.

You know he’s close, so you wrap your hand painfully tight round the base of his cock and he lets out the most pained groan you’ve ever head.

“You fucking sadist –!”

But you don’t hear the rest, because you’re cumming so hard that all you can hear is your own blood rushing about and your own moaning.

You’re breathing hard and you lean your head against his shoulder for a second, but then his chest is shaking and you look up.

“Let go, please, just let go…” he dry sobs, and you feel so fucking awful right now.

You pull out of him, letting his legs fall, before dropping to your knees and immediately take him into your mouth, releasing him. You suck a few times, flicking your tongue against his tip, before he cums. You swallow it down, then pull back, looking up at him.

He’s panting and his eyes are slightly lidded, but he still manages to smile down at you, holding his hand out to help you up.

“We have two minutes possible cuddling time, one cleaning up, then another to get out of here and to our lessons.” He tells you against your shoulder as he wraps his arms around you.

You laugh slightly breathlessly, hugging him to you. “You’re so fucking amazing.” You tell him.

He looks up and grins at you. “I know. I’m the vicar’s son.”

So, please R&R, you know I'll love you.

[User Picture]From: _sorethumb____
2004-11-06 06:32 am (UTC)
hey, psst.
post more of this god damnit..lol
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[User Picture]From: dragons_shadow
2004-11-06 03:58 pm (UTC)
haha, I wouldn't know where to take it. Hmmmmm... Maybe... ....
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